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Does your Roof Qualify for Houston Solar Savings?  

Find out if you qualify for thousands in Solar Savings and Incentives.  It's Fast and Easy.


Hey Houston, Are you Paying too Much for your Electricity?

We've helped thousands of Texas homeowners save thousands.

TriSMART Solar has helped Houston, Texans reduce their monthly electricity bill to as low as $13, $21, and $17 a month all because of solar panels.

We're on a mission to get as many Texas to go Solar by December 31st, 2022.  WHY?  Because that's the deadline to install solar to receive MASSIVE savings from the 26% Solar Federal Tax Credit.


The Net Meter Tracks the Power your Sending Back to the Grid


Step 1:
Site Assessment

TriSMART Solar provides you with an in person proposal presentation with a complete breakdown of your home or utility usage and rates compared with the alternative of going solar and owning your company's power.

It's time to turn your company's roof, or property into it's own solar power plant.  It's easy and cost effective to take advantage of the solar power savings and the incentives offered by local and federal agencies.


Step 2:
Custom 3D Design

Next, our Solar Engineers will create a custom 3D Design of your Solar Panels based on your roof pitch, shade, and usage.  Rather than imagining what the system will produce, and what it might look like, our engineers will provide you with a comprehensive 3D design so you can make the most educated decision.

20220314_SAInstall_FrontPanelsAndInstallers (1).jpg

Step 3:

Solar Installations can be extremely complex and technologically challenging.  That's why it's important to hire a company that stands behind it's work, and not only sells you solar power, but completes the solar installation as well.  

With TriSMART Solar, we're with you from A to Z.  TriSMART handles all of the permitting and paperwork involved in going solar.  With roughly 1000 installations per year, TriSMART Solar is experienced, and well known for quality installs.

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