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21 Seconds Could Save You
Hundreds On Your Energy Bill

TriSMART Solar is your local Houston, Texas Solar Provider

Are you looking for a highly reputable local solar company in Houston?  Excellent!  You've found the right company.
We provide the highest level of quality service to the Houston area for both Residential and Commercial Solar installations.

Our highly trained Energy Consultants provide a the most knowledgeable and most affordable solar energy option in Houston.

We're very proud to be based in Houston and helping make our city a better place.


Home Solar Power is More Affordable than Ever Before

With the combination of the Solar Tax Credit and rebates, solar power has never been more affordable in Houston and the surrounding Texas Markets.  It's easy to find out how much you can save.  Click the link above or contact one of our highly trained Energy Advisors to get all your questions answered. (281) 622-4487

I went Solar in Texas

"I'm just so happy and excited"

Viviane Marioneaux-Maguire of San Antonio, Texas chose TriSMART Solar for her new Solar Panels.

Charlie Heaton of TriSMART Solar sat down with Viviane to learn more about her experience, concerns, and results of her Solar Installation.

Click the video on the left to watch Viviane explain how the process of going Solar was for her and her family.

Are Solar Panels Worth it?

Steve and Diane Sure Think So!

Steve and Diane Lowery from Round Rock, Texas chose TriSMART Solar to install their Solar Power System. 

How did they feel prior to going Solar?  
Was the process smooth?
What would they recommend to others thinking about Solar?

Going Solar in Houston Is Easy

Residential and Commercial
$0 Down for Solar Power in TX

It's easy with TriSMART solar where we handle everything from start to finish.

Expect prompt, professional service from our experienced roofers, electricians, and energy contractors. We'll be there for you every step of the way.

It's very important that you choose a local solar provider that is very experienced and understands how to create an efficient system, how to gain your permits, approve with HOA's, and will give you a quality installation. Let us be your personal energy guides, and help you evaluate if solar is the right investment for your energy usage and goals.

Email us at or better yet give us a call: (281) 622-4487

TriSMART Solar handles your Solar Power Project from start to finish.  We'll be with you every step of the way.  Going solar requires approvals, permits, and a quality installation.  We make sure to keep you in constant contact through all of the solar steps right up to the final installation day.  Most installations only take 8 hours.  Yes, that's correct, we have experience solar install teams that get your solar energy system completely installed in just 1 day.  

Step 1:
Site Assessment

A TriSMART Energy Consultant will review your recent utility usage, learn about your energy usage goals, and tailor a solar proposal specific to your home.  

Our Friendly Energy Consultants are very well educated on how the Energy Tax Credits work in Texas and various rebates available with utilities like CPS Energy, and they will walk you through the process so you can take advantage of huge tax savings. There are no stupid questions! 

Energy Consultan Texas

Step 2:
Custom 3D Design

TriSMART Engineers design a custom solar system that maximizes your total energy savings.

You'll be able to see your custom solar design prior to approval so you'll know exactly how much power

you'll be generating.

Solar Panel Design

Step 3:

TriSMART Installers will perform your hassle free custom installation in 2 days or less.  All of our solar power texas installation utilize a special rack system to ensure the highest quality solar power installation for your home or business.

While many other companies only handle the sales or installation independantly, TriSMART takes care of everything from start to finish including financing, HOA's, and final permitting.

Solar Panel Installation
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