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3 Ways Solar Energy Could Save You Money

Solar Energy (also known as solar power) is one of the most talked about and well-known renewable sources of energy. It is the cleanest form of energy and is the most abundant renewable energy source that is available to us.

While utilizing Solar Energy is the promise of a healthier environment, it is also cost effective. For example, installing solar panels on your roof may save you more money than you realize. Many homeowners fear that the installation costs of going solar can be very expensive. The most asked question about going solar is “does solar power really save you money?” The answer is yes.

How much you end up saving will vary from household to household depending on a few factors which are, the number of direct hours of sunlight your roof gets, your local electricity rates and finally, the size of your home. In this article we will highlight a few ways you can save money when going solar.

1 - Save Money on Electric Bills

When installing solar panels on your home, you are no longer heavily relying on a utility company to provide electricity. Once going solar, you will use solar panels as your home’s primary source of power and then receive free energy from the sun.

However, when the sun is not visible, such as during a storm or at night, then your electricity may be provided by the local utility company in your area. But remember that if you power up enough excess energy in your backup batteries during the day you can support yourself during times of shade or at night. This means you will not have to depend on your utility company for energy.

2 - Save Money with Tax Credits

The Federal Government also has tax breaks available to those that go solar. The government will pay for up to 26% of your solar panel installation cost, making the option of going solar incredibly affordable. The solar tax credit makes it possible for homeowners to get money back through their taxes when they make the switch. This government credit is a dollar-for-dollar credit that you are able to use to reduce the amount of taxes you owe the federal government, or simply put back into your solar project. It is very important to note that this tax credit is just that, a credit and not a subsidy or a refund. It is also very easy to claim.

3 - Metering Credits from Solar Power

Imagine a beautiful sunny day and no one is home because the family decided to spend the day at the beach, meaning your air conditioning is turned off. At this moment your house is at peak energy efficiency and your panels are still producing green energy. What does this mean for you? This means your home could benefit from net metering.

Net metering is when electricity goes through your meter and out to the grid. When you decide to go solar, a digital meter is installed on your home and its purpose is to record the amount of energy that is moving in each direction. Meaning it records when energy goes into the home and as it leaves the home and the “net” part of the term notates that the homeowner pays the “net” amount of electricity used by the home, minus the extra that gets sold back to the grid.

Looking at this from a homeowner’s perspective, it’s a no-brainer. You consume what you need and your utility company buys back the remainder. This means a lower electric bill and additional solar power savings.

Go Solar Today!

In conclusion, solar energy doesn’t just give you financial returns. It also helps improve the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and lessen our dependence on fossil fuels in favor of one of the most abundant and consistent sources of energy we have available: our sun.

Going solar will allow you to reap the benefits of both the financial and ethical sides. Going solar isn’t just an action, it’s a representation of what you stand for. It shows that you care. The best part of it is that you get to save money at the same time! For more information please head over to for a free consultation and quote.

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