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6 Reasons Homeowners Should Go Solar

As a homeowner, have you ever thought about making the switch to renewable energy and using solar power as an alternative energy source? In the last decade alone, solar has experienced an average annual growth rate of 42%. Until this day, solar power continues to be one of the fastest growing energy sources in the United States. So it’s not surprising that residential solar installations continue to soar. According to the Solar Energy Industries

It’s true, switching your home over to solar power is an investment, but it’s one that could prove to be beneficial and not just in the long run. Today we will inform you about the top 6 reasons why homeowners should go solar and help you decide whether or not solar is the right choice for you.

1. Solar Saves You Money

If your system is large enough, you can reduce your utility bill to almost zero. Depending on the electric utility rates and structure in your area, you can expect to save enough on your bill to pay for the system in 5 to 10 years. (Your system should easily last 25 years.) The value of the system will also increase as electric utility rates increase.

You might think of it as a hedge against future inflation of utility rates. Rates will likely increase with the pressure and regulations required by utility companies to use more environmentally friendly generation methods (i.e. wind, solar, ocean currents, fuel cells).

2. Solar is Environmentally Friendly

Another reason homeowners should go solar is to save the environment. The energy that comes from the sun is one of the cleanest forms of energy that can be converted into electricity. Unlike some other forms of energy, solar does not pollute or harm the land, water or animals.

3. Solar Energy is Sustainable and Renewable

Just like geothermal, wind, hydropower and tidal power, solar power is sustainable, meaning it has the ability to endure and be productive indefinitely. In order for energy to be sustainable it needs to meet three requirements: be naturally replenished, improve energy efficiency and be available long term. Solar has been around since the beginning of time, making it a very reliable power source.

As a renewable energy source, solar power can be replenished naturally; it does not harm the environment and has minimal impact to the environment surrounding it. What better reason can you think of than to utilize the sun’s energy?

4. Easy Payment Terms are Available

The ability to make payments on your solar system is another reason for homeowners to switch to solar. With TriSMART Solar homeowners have the option to finance the system cost and there is no charge for the installation.

If you aren’t sure about purchasing, we also offer the option to rent out the solar panels with no upfront charge. You pay a monthly rental fee to use the panels; the company then owns and maintains them.

5. Solar Increases the Value of Your Home

There’s no argument that residential solar systems increase the resale value of a home. A study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) found that homes with solar panels sold 20 percent faster than those without solar panels. In addition, homes with a 3.1 kW system add about $17,000+ to their value.

6. The Government will pay part of the cost

Who doesn’t like receiving some extra help from Uncle Sam? This is another reason why homeowners should go solar. The good news is that the federal government offers a 26% tax credit. (Yes, a tax credit, not a tax deduction). There may also be some state and local utility incentives depending on where you live. So why not take advantage of the tax incentives and rebates?

These are our top reasons here at TriSMART Solar as to why homeowners should go solar. Which of the above reasons motivates you to switch to solar? Can you add any others to our list? If so, leave a comment in the section below! With that being said, Click Here to view your Solar Savings with TriSMART Solar and get connected to one of our energy experts today!

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