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Is a Solar Career Right for You? [Top 5 Reasons to Join our Team]

At TriSMART Solar our mission is to help people achieve energy independence quickly, easily and affordably using the power of the sun and teamwork. We strive to make a difference from the environment to your family budget. As the price of oil continues to increase, the price of solar energy is on the decline - allowing us to create more job opportunities for our communities. If you are considering a career in the solar industry but are uncertain about moving forward, we at TriSMART put together five reasons that will help you take the first step.

1. You get to help the Environment!

The solar industry is creating a wealthier future for generations to come. The average residential solar system offsets about 100,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide in 20 years – the equivalent of driving a car for 100,000 miles. Working in the solar industry allows you to leave work everyday feeling satisfied by knowing you are creating a world run on clean, renewable energy. Over the last few decades, the threat of climate change has increased significantly leaving us to take immediate action. Solar helps fight climate change by providing an alternative energy solution that is both clean and affordable.

2. Solar provides an opportunity for growth.

Clean energy is building a new workforce in the United States and renewable energy sectors won’t be backing down anytime soon. The solar industry has a wide range of well-paying jobs for workers of all backgrounds. According to the 2018 National Solar Job Census released by The Solar Foundation - at the time, the United States had 242,353 solar workers. In the past 10 years, the solar workforce has grown by 159% adding around 150,000 jobs.

3. The solar industry is constantly evolving.

Every day, our nation shows an increasing support for clean energy. Governments, businesses, utility companies, and homeowners are all investing in solar. The demand for clean energy is growing as new PV technology is gaining momentum and continues to evolve daily, in order to create more efficient and affordable solar panels, inverters and racking systems. Several states and utility companies across the United States have set 100% clean energy goals. When choosing a career in the solar industry you are choosing to be part of a movement that is constantly advancing.

4. You will love what you do.

You don’t always have the chance to work in an industry where you can both help people and the environment at the same time. You will have the opportunity to lower people’s bills, become an advocate for a great cause, and save the planet. This can be done all in a day’s work in the solar industry. The majority of people in the solar industry choose it because they are passionate about renewables and truly want to make a difference through the work that they do. Working in solar allows you to surround yourself with people who share the same passion and excitement.

5. Make great money.

The demand for skilled professionals, electricians, photovoltaic installers, tech support, and sales representatives is constantly increasing. As the industry continues to grow, so do the opportunities and starting wages - which are high compared to other industries. As you gain more experience over time, your pay will likely increase as well.

Find a career with TriSMART that is right for you!

The solar industry continues to grow daily and offers many occupations to explore, from sales to installers to finance experts, etc. With TriSMART Solar, we strive to be the most desirable company to partner with as we power communities into a more sustainable future. If you are interested in a career at TriSMART Solar you can view open positions on our website. Be a part of the change and apply today!

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