Solar Power in San Antonio - The 2018 Ultimate Guide

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

Solar power in San Antonio is definitely on the rise, but how do we know when the best time to go Solar is? You may be wondering am I actually going to save money by going Solar in San Antonio or do I need to install the panels myself?

How is CPS going to assist me in going Solar?

San Antonio Solar Power
San Antonio Solar Power

Solar Panels are easier than every to put on your home! CPS Energy will give you a rebate on residential and commercial Solar systems. The current rebate limits are $25,000 for residential projects and $80,000 for commercial.

The federal government is also handing out a 30% Tax Credit! There's never been a better time to go Solar. Learn all about it in this complete guide to San Antonio Solar Power.

What are the Solar Rebates currently offered by CPS Energy?

CPS Energy Rebates
CPS Energy

CPS is currently offering a rebate program to customers that go Solar in 2018. CPS at this time is in Tranche 3 of a 3 phase Solar rebate program for San Antonio. The first phase of the Solar program offers a $1.20 per Watt rebate.

The second phase or "Tranche" of the program offers a $1.00 per Watt rebate, and the third phase of the CPS Solar rebate program offers $.80 per Watt rebate.

As of May of 2018, the CPS rebate offer is down to $.60. The Solar funding program is now only half of what is was a few years ago. We recommend going Solar now before it's too late to get a rebate.

Texas Solar Power
Texas Solar Power

It's a very rare occurrence that a utility company would give any type of incentive to go Solar, and those of us in San Antonio are particularly lucky to have this rebate still offered at $.60 per Watt.

The fact that the rebate has been dwindling down over the past few years gives us all a clear indication that soon there will be no rebate at all. It's obvious that going Solar immediately is going to be way more affordable than going Solar later. We do not recommend waiting until everyone else is forced into it. It's a great time in San Antonio to own your energy!

CPS is able to offer these amazing rebates through the funding of the Save for Tomorrow Energy Plan (STEP)

Visit our main page to find out more about solar savings.

Solar Power San Antonio
Solar Power San Antonio

The rebate is available to all CPS customers with a solar power system of at least 1 kW. The average residential Solar power system in San Antonio, TX is about 8 kW.

"CPS has allocated 10 million dollars in funding for each Tranche of the Solar Rebate Program in San Antonio."

Now is the time to take advantage of this CPS Solar rebate program because each year the rebate declines.

If you are located in a residential building and are applying for the commercial incentive, you must be established for at least one year.

System owners are responsible for obtaining all applicable permits and permissions required to install and operate the system and all work must be performed in accordance with all applicable federal, state, local, and manufacturer codes and standards.

How difficult is the Solar Installation Process?

Solar Power Installation

Solar Power System are not only cost effective, but their very easy to have installed as well. Most systems are installed in 1 day. Yes, in just one day, you can go Solar with about 20 hi-tech solar panels installed on your roof or yard.

Is your Texas home eligible for Solar?

Watch the solar installation video below to get an idea of the solar panel installation process.

Do I need a Permit to install Solar Panels in San Antonio?

Yes, you do need a permit to go Solar in San Antonio. Our SMART Support takes care of the complete permitting process. The entire process to get a permit in San Antonio takes about 3- 5 weeks.

Understanding the Permitting Process 

The customer is required to sign an ACC form that is included in their final documents. The form is submitted to the HOA with a copy of the 3D custom design, and the Solar Panel Spec Sheet, and the House Bill 362.

After these simple steps, most HOA approvals are complete. Remember, legally HOA's are not allowed to stop you from going solar.

In certain cases, your Solar Panels will need to be installed on the front side of your home, and we'll take care of a more detailed production form in order to complete your permitting and HOA approval.