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TriSMART Solar

3800 Business Park Drive

Amarillo, TX 79110 (806) 340-7846


July 12th 2018. Amarillo, TX — Solar Power is a smart way to save thousands from paying for electricity consumption. TriSMART Solar, a Solar Power Texas company in a bid to serve more residential and commercial clients, opens a branch in Amarillo, Texas.

The sun produces enough energy in one hour, to supply Earth with electrical power for one year. TriSMART Solar offers clients in major cities in Texas, and now Amarillo, the opportunity to be part of the future of global energy. Prior to the Amarillo opening, TriSMART Solar has offices located to serve all of Texas — in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio, offering Residential Solar and Commercial Solar. TriSMART Solar is a leader of Texas Renewable Energy, Clean Power, Solar Maintenance and Solar Home Improvement Services.

TriSMART Solar has always supported means to empower communities with energy independence, save costs for people living in them, and in turn, save the planet. Expanding to more locations will help achieve this vision.

As co-owner of TriSMART Solar, Mark Bench, expressed about the viability of TriSMART in Amarillo,

After visiting the city of Amarillo, meeting our team on the ground, reviewing the amount of sun hours and talking with our upper management team I predict that Amarillo will be a very viable and growth heavy market for TriSMART. The people are amazing, and the team we have there is top notch. We are investing into Amarillo immediately and we intend on making a noticeable difference for the community and the environment by creating more jobs and reducing emissions with cleaner, cheaper power.

Jon Morris, co-owner, TriSMART Solar, is quite excited about TriSMART’s new location in Amarillo, and released a statement, assuring the community that TriSMART’s team of Energy Consultants will walk clients through and educate them on the benefits of using Solar Power.

“We are excited to grow the Amarillo market! Solar, in general is very fun. As people understand that energy is something they will always need, it's fun for us to educate them that is is not something they will always have to pay for. We look forward to furthering this education in Amarillo and surrounding areas!"

For more information about TriSMART Solar, and how to procure the company’s services, please visit the company’s website at or call (806) 340-7846 for a free consultation on Solar power.

About TriSMART Solar

TriSMART Solar is a US based Solar Powering company with its Headquarters located in Houston, Texas. The company was established in 2013 to provide Solar energy for residential and commercial use. TriSMART Solar has a customizable smart Solar system design that can create an exact 3D model of clients’ residential and commercial Solar panel layout and generation. The company also offers a 24/7 continuous monitoring of clients’ Solar energy to ensure clients’ system produces energy at 100% capacity.

TriSMART Solar handles Solar Power sales, installation, as well as financing, HOA’s and final permitting. TriSMART Solar currently offers Solar Power services in Texas, Utah, and Arizona and is now expanding with an office in Amarillo, TX.

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