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TriSMART Teams Up With REC

TriSMART Solar has recently teamed up with REC group and began using the REC Alpha Black Series 360W Solar Panels. For a quarter of a century, REC has been one of the industry leaders in manufacturing solar panels.

If you have been looking into going solar you will know that power and efficiency are some of the most common metrics used when comparing solar panel products. The REC group is definitely known to produce highly reliable and great performing panels.

REC Introduces A New Innovative Design

REC was the first company worldwide to release panels utiliz

ing the innovative split module design with half-cut cells, opposed to the standard full size square cells.

The half-cut cell and split module design splits the panel into two halves with 60 ‘half-size’ cells in each section resulting in a total of 120 cells. The two halves are joined in parallel at the center of the panel. However, they operate separately which means if one half is shaded it does not reduce the performance of the other half of the panel.

This can definitely be a game changer on a cloudy day because traditional full size 60 cell panels can suffer up to 40% power loss when a portion of the panel is shaded.

REC group released the Alpha series panels in 2019. They are also the first to release a panel with heterojunction (HJT) half-cut cells. This means there is no power loss and the consumer gets the energy that they pay for. Growing from REC’s leadership in half-cut cell technology, the Alpha is built around 120 half-cut HJT cells and advanced connection technology designed by engineering experts from both Germany and Singapore. With HJT technology, REC combines the benefits of N-Type Monocrystalline silicon solar cells with those of thin film technologies for a much higher efficiency and energy yield, even at higher temperatures.

The Alpha Series Panels Are Industry Leaders

These panels also feature multi-busbar cells with 16 micro wires. This is used to achieve an impressive 21.7% peak efficiency putting them in the same class as the industry leaders (SunPower and LG ) in solar panel efficiency. Not only are the Alpha series panels both efficient and reliable; they are also extremely durable.

One of the many nice features these panels offer is their extremely strong frame. The panels have support bars that protect cells and glass from bending under a load. They also allow extreme loads up to 7000 Pa. The height of the panel is also easier to handle with a 30 mm (1.2”) frame. This frame design allows optimized transportation.

Our Panels Are Leading Temperature Coefficient

The REC Alpha series panels also continue to perform extremely well in high temperature. They are leading temperature coefficient, meaning the higher the temperature rises the more energy the panels produce. They are designed to give the homeowner maximum power for maximum savings and an accelerated return on investment. The panels high power density also helps the homeowners get the most from limited spaces on the roof. These panels are designed to give 20% more power on the roof when compared to conventional solar panels.

REC panels have continued to score well in the internationally recognized DNV-GL independent solar module testing program scoring as a ‘Top performer’ in all four durability tests. With their advanced cell technology the panels have an increased number of wires that help improve the flow of the electricity current. These panels are also designed to have a sleek and thin look, with the barely-visible wires and evenly black colored cells.

These panels are designed to maintain a high performance level over the installation lifetime along with a premium 25 year warranty. The REC panels are warranted to still maintain 86% of the original rated output, while Alpha series featuring HJT N-type cells have an impressive 25 year product warranty with 92% retained power output after 25 years!

Go Solar Today!

Don’t wait any longer to make the change! Click Here to view your Solar Savings. There is no question that the REC Alpha group has created a revolutionary panel with a solid track record and very low failure rates. They have also been a reliable and favorite choice to both consumers and installers, especially when it comes down to having a partial shading issue. The new Alpha series has made a staple for REC in the solar industry and is also helping accelerate the development of the next generation of Solar Panels.

For more information please head over to for a free consultation and quote.

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