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Will Solar Panels Extend the Life of My Roof? (From a Roofing Professional)

One of the biggest concerns that homeowners have about solar power installation is how the solar panels will affect their roof. While it may be worrisome to think about panel installation causing damage to a roof, is it possible that solar panels may be a good thing not only to make your home a center of powerful energy, but also as a means of keeping your roof safer than it already was?

If you are considering a switch to solar power, you most likely know that solar power can

drastically cut your electric bill and that it is a much safer way to heat your home and to power lights and other electrical devices with far less worry about pollution. Let’s look at modern solar panels and how a switch to solar power may just possibly be something that can extend the life of your roof and increase the value of your home.

An important thing to consider when debating whether solar panels extend the life of a roof is to realize that panels cover various portions of the roof. Depending on the overall solar system size, the panels can cover a large portion or even a very small portion of a roof. With professional solar panel installation on a rooftop today, there is often very little penetration into the actual roof at all.

This means no unnecessary holes in the home. You also have a small space between the panel and the actual roof that allows for air flow and cooling and this is a great benefit of solar panels as it helps keep the attic cooler and helps reduce the risk of excessive heat that can be linked to mold or mildew growth in attics and crawlspaces.

Sure, the area underneath the panels may be protected, but what about the shingles that are still exposed outside of the panel sector? The panels will of course not cover all roof shingles, but solar panels often cover large portions of the roof and they help prevent rain, snow and other elements from damaging those shingles that are beneath the panels even with the small space between panel and roof.

With proper installation however, even when installed on older roofs, solar panels will have no detrimental effects and may be quite beneficial in helping extend the overall life of a roof. A professional solar panel installer is not going to make mistakes that will cause damage and void an expensive roof warranty and they will always take steps to ensure everything is installed correctly and safely for the home or business owner. (source:

Solar Companies want to make sure the roof remains in good shape, so making sure the roof is in good condition and that the panels are installed correctly to prevent damage is necessary.

It's important to note that solar panels help shade a roof and prevent the harsh rays from the sun from penetrating the shingles and damaging the roof. Cooler temperatures caused from the panels shielding the roof helps increase air flow within and helps keep the solar panels working efficiently.

Since solar panels help prevent harsh elements from encountering the roof, even when they don’t always cover all areas of the roof, when they are properly installed by a professional, solar panels are a good way to help extend the life and overall value of your roof.

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