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Solar Power Austin

Fred and Gail Laubenthal share their TriSMART Solar experience from Austin, TX.

While Fred and Gail were very interested in Solar and Green Technologies, they were both skeptical as to how effective it could be and what the up front costs were.  

After meeting with a TriSMART representative, Fred and Gail learned that they could go solar with no money and start saving on their electric bills right away.  Watch the story below.

Texas Farm House goes Solar

Texas Farm House goes Solar

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"We wanted solar, and we went for it." - Gail Laubenthal

The Laubenthal's were hesitant about going solar because of the upfront costs, but they've always been interested in green renewable energy.  Retired teachers, they decided to sit down with Kevin Underwood of TriSMART Solar to get their questions answered.  

The main question Fred and Gail proposed was how much this would cost up front and how quickly would they see savings.  

Kevin from TriSMART explained that the process of going solar has significantly changed over recent years which has made it more affordable than ever.  

TriSMART now offers a money down option, and as you can see in the graph below, your solar energy generation actually pays off your solar equipment on a monthly basis.  

Once Fred and Gail understood that their would be no upfront cost and the monthly equipment payment would actually be lower than their current energy bill, they knew it was time to move forward with their solar install.

"The offset of the money your would save on your monthly bill can be used towards paying off the unit, that sold it for me." 

- Fred Laubenthal

Once the Laubenthal's made the decision to move forward, TriSMART handled the rest of the process.  

A TriSMART Site Surveyor went out to the home in order to design a custom solar layout.  The exact number of panels is created, and the amount of kilowatts is estimated per panel to generate enough electricity to offset your current usage.  

The solar design is very important to how the system works for you in the future, so it's very important to have a qualified professional take care of this process.  

Once the design was completed and approved by the Laubenthal's, TriSMART took care of all the approvals and permits necessary to complete the installation.  

Finally, when all the permits are completed, the installation was scheduled.  The installation was very fast and completed in just 1 day.

"I was amazed at how fast they we're able to install"

- Gail Laubenthal

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