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Meet the #1 Residential Solar Installer in Texas

Our one-stop shop solar services.

Own Your Energy

TriSMART Solar offers solar, storage, EV charger, and security systems.


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Service Areas

TriSMART Solar provides residential solar+ systems in Texas, Arizona and New Mexico

About Us

Learn about the TriSMART Solar story and our journey to be the largest residential solar company in Texas.

#1 Residential Solar Installer in Texas

TriSMART Solar is the #1 Residential Solar Installer in Texas. Solar Power World also ranks us 7th overall in the national for residential installers.

“I have had mine installed April. No issues at all so far. They kept me informed of everything that was going on during the whole process. Installation went smoothly and they followed up after. After seeing horror stories, I definitely recommend!”

Jim Pratt

TriSMART Locations

TriSMART Headquarters is located in Houston, TX.

We service most areas within 400 miles of each location listed below.

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