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Are Solar Panels Worth it?

Solar Power Can Save You Serious Money

Eliminate your electric bill completely which can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars every year. The answer is that solar panels are definitely worth it.

With the help of innovative financing options, government incentives, and utility rebates, you too could get solar for your home for as little as $0 down. Start now and save immediately in your first month and add value to your property!

We offer easy 100% financing on all solar projects! All of our solar panels come with a comprehensive warranty, so no need to worry or stress if anything should ever go wrong. We use state-of-the-art, high-quality solar panels from top manufacturers in the USA and the world.

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97% of Americans Overestimate the Cost of Solar

TriSMART is educating Americans on solar costs and the decrease in price on Solar installation. With the advancements in solar technology, and tax credits offered by many states, Solar is more affordable than ever.

Owning your own power has never been more affordable.

Watch how your new electric bill remains steady, while your bill without solar will continue to rise with inflation. Solar owners will pay for the equipment and eventually will only pay for a small portion of electric while utilizing Net Metering.

Net Metering is a solar power service that actually allows your power meter to spin backwards while you generate more power than you’re using. When the meter begins to spin backwards, you’re sending power back to the grid which the power company pays you for. Many times, you’ll see that solar customers have a “credit” on their power bill and that’s because their generating more power than their using. Yay!

The Solar Net Meter works similar to rollover cell phone minutes. You build up enough “roll over power” that you actually get a credit on your power bill.

Let’s say, you go away on vacation, normally, your power consumption would be very low to maintain your air conditioning, or other lighting, etc. With Solar, when you go away on vacation, you’re generating a large amount of power and it continues to cycle back into the grid while the power company reflects that amount on your bill.

Then, when you need extra power, your account has a credit that you can dip into for extra consumption. It’s a beautiful system that many people don’t know about. The more people catch on to the benefits or Solar, the less incentives are offered. Now is the time to go solar!

Solar power in the US is changing quickly. While you still have access to the Federal Solar Tax Credit, the local power companies are changing their rebates year by year.

It’s very important that you get started with solar before it’s too late. For example, San Antonio based power company CPS Energy which serves over 1 million customers has been offering solar rebates since 2007. Back then the rebate was $3 per watt, but as more and more customers go solar, the rebates continue to fade away.

Rebates will still save you big on your solar installation, so it’s important that you don’t delay any longer and take advantage of the rebates while they last. Many other energy companies across the United States offer rebates and incentives. Find out if you’re eligible for your rebates by using our solar calculator.

Solar Power Incentives

Solar remains a very smart decision with Texas Solar Power Incentives and will definitely save you money! Many of our customers see instant savings, and all see long term savings. Once your system is paid off, the solar continues to generate and you are no longer renting your energy from the power company or paying off the system cost.

Right now, you’re renting your power from an Energy Provider. That provider is selling you power for a premium cost, and the price goes up year over year. The more power we consume as a community, the more the Energy Providers charge along with inflation the prices are soaring.

With Solar, you switch from paying for your power each month to paying for the cost of the solar system. The difference is that the Solar Power system will eventually be completely paid off and you’ll be able to generate power without any payment. It’s an amazing process with Solar Power Incentives!

The Federal Government is definitely on board with the Solar Initiative as well offering a Solar Tax Credit. It’s call the Investment Tax Credit or ITC. The ITC is a 30% Tax Credit on the total purchase price of your Solar System. For example, if you get a Solar System with a purchase price of $30,000 (No Money Down) then you’re tax credit at the end of the year would be $9,000! Yes, $9,000 just for going solar which really makes the cost of your system only $21,000. That money comes right off your taxes dollar for dollar, and if you normally get a refund, you’ll get an extra $9,000 back. This is a terrific Solar Power Incentive. Yes, it’s sound too good to be true, and there is a catch! The Solar Tax Credit only last for the next couple years, and then it will be reduced and eventually completely taken away. That’s why it’s so important to go Solar right now!

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